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Schedule for Fence Sitter Film Festival

 Date:  April  18 - 21  2024

 Location:  Bernardsville Cinema

Screenplay Competition

Beach Shorts Written

by Curtis JL Medina

Tristian & Roddy are queer youths who met online and now, upon meeting in person for the first time, must come to grips with their deep affection for each other on a romantic walk around a beach town in South Carolina. Each of their single straight parents are trying to strike a romance with each other at the same time, causing Roddy & Tristian to consider whether its worth hurting their parent's romance for what seems like something
too special to pass up.


Written by Tira Olkdari
Terry returns to their suburban hometown for a family wedding. After a year in art
school, they intend to keep their recently realized, nonbinary identity private from family.
When their old youth pastor shows up to officiate, they are faced with the choice of
opening up to their concerned father, or letting the dysphoria eat at them from inside.

Lost Equinox

Written by Hyten Davidson
When a search party for a missing girl draws an unexpected visitor looking to cover her tracks, she must look to a compassionate park ranger for an escape. Plants 4 Sale Written by Heather McDonald A girl attempts to sell plants on the streets of NYC, but her bitterness and past get the better of her as she decides who is worthy of them.

FRIDAY - APRIL 19, 2024

Friday 4:30pm
Bygones (14 minutes) Pennsylvania

The Closet (5 minutes) United Kingdom

Red Wine Drive (86 minutes) Oregon

Friday 7:00pm Rutgers Doc Event
Yolo (5 Minutes)
Boyish (19 Minutes)
Instant Ramen (9 Minutes)
I Wish You Knew (8 minutes)
There It Was Then It Was Gone (12 Minutes)
The Doc Is About None Of These Things (9 Minutes)
How To Have Your Own Art Gallery (7 Minutes)
Sympathetic Magic (2 Minutes)
The Rise of Frang (2 Minutes)
Vulnerabilities (4 Minutes)
Safe Staffing Saves Lives (12 Minutes)

Saturday 11:30am 95 Minutes
Gloria’s Birthday (8 minutes)

Virginia Joanie, a feisty senior, regales her friends about past events from her youth, yet cannot
recall her sister Gloria's recent death.
Last Girls Trip (36 minutes) Connecticut
Three life-long middle-aged friends set off on the last of their many girls’ trips, to find
that a huge favor is about to change their lives and challenge their bond.

Lesbian Lobster Song (4 minutes) Canada
The rural lesbians of the north shore of Nova Scotia gather each spring to celebrate
lobster season, and their voracious appetites, with feast and song.
You and Your Youth (4 minutes) Rutgers
"You, and your youth.” This searing short from a Mason Gross student tells the story of
a child growing up and their parents' irrational,close minded reaction.
No Bruises (12 minutes) California
This short film explores the cyclical nature of emotional abuse, played out in
vignette-style glimpses into one man’s relationships with three different women over
A Trace (5 minutes) California
This student short film follows a young girl trying to shed her guilt about her absent
Paradise Valley (26 minutes) Australia
Following the sudden death of her husband, a young widow in a 19th century Australian
settlement faces eviction from her property; an unexpected visit from her untrustworthy
brother-in-law further complicates the situation.

SUNDAY - October 30, 2023



Bunko Babes
The Man From Granada
Limbo Laugh Factory(NJ)
Can I Grow Old(NJ)


Adios Music Village(NJ)
The Making of Hayride to Hell

Award Ceremony


Cinema Seats

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October 27-29, 2023

​5 Mine Brook Rd | Bernardsville,NJ 07924

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