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Sponsorship Packages Fencesitter Film Festival 2024

 Date:  April 18-21,  2024

 Location:  Bernardsville Cinema

International Cultural Event

Demographics : Local Communities, filmmakers and creatives from around the world.

The 4-day Festival at the Bernardsville Cinema 3 seats over 300 people and we expect a full house each day and night of film events.


Cultural Film Festival are a sought out attraction for local communities and suburbs near by.

We are offering “Sponsorship packages” that will be highlighted as following:


Full Page Ads
Full Page Color Ads

Half Page Ads - Color or Black and White


1/4 Page - B/W Ad B/W Ads


FenceSitter Films and Bernardsville Film Festivals welcome you to be part of our International Film Festival.

We hope to bridge the meaning of cultural education, economic growth through community events and the joy films bring to future generations and to preserve the legacy of the Bernardsville Cinema with those from around the world.

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